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Buffy Fic

Alias Fic

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Buffy Links


We Band of Buggered: Home of the amazing and talented Valerie X, author of some of the best Spike fanfic out there, and also home to the best forum I've ever found. Valerie also vids, so don't miss this one.

Myrtle & Eunice Productions: Truly amazing Buffy vids, with Farscape vids to come, and Myrtle's fic as well. Also, Myrtle and Eunice are two of the most wonderful women in the universe, so heap much praise upon them.

Devil Piglet's Domain: Devil Piglet is another fabulous chick whose fic makes me drool in jealousy. The last chapter of "The Down Below" is possibly the best chapter I've ever read in any fanfic. Go read it. Now.

Annie Sewell-Jennings' Fanfiction: Just about the angstiest angst you could ask for. "The Last Summer" haunted me for days.

Bugger This: Home of the fanfiction of Herself and Kalima, among others. Phenomenal, phenomenal stuff. NOT for the kiddies, though. Brilliant vids, and the most in-depth and hilarious study of Spike's head-tilts you'll ever see.

Naughty Bits: Home of the famous and unbearably sexy Nauti Bitz, and her famous and unbearably sexy fic.

mr. monkeybottoms' diary: Funniest. Blog. Ever. Funniest. Disclaimers. Ever. Go now, and prepare to laugh your ass off.

Fanfiction by KJ Draft: Angsty, sexy, and authored by KJ Draft, yet another Very Cool Chick. Who could ask for more?

Fanfiction by Keswindhover: Kes is, quite simply, brilliant, in addition to being hysterically funny. Click and enjoy.

Buffy and Angel Transcripts/Shooting Scripts: If you've never read any shooting scripts, I cannot recommend it enough. Often the stage directions are funnier than any lines in the script. You owe it to yourself to check these out.

Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies: Buffy. Academia. A match made in heaven.

Tabula Rasa: A beautiful site dedicated to the progress of Spike's redemption. Episode guides, reviews, essays, and the Ganya Index, which rates by episode the possibility of Giles and Anya hooking up. Well... keep hoping, guys.


Alias Links


Alias Media: Clips, screencaps, every scrap of information ever published regarding Alias or any of its participants. Oh, and a bajillion links, too.

Allies: Companion site to Alias Media, this contains Syd/Vaughn-centric fanfic, helpfully indexed by rating and theme.

Alias Fic Recs: Looking for the gems among the vast wasteland of Alias fic? Try here.

The Alias Institute: I haven't had time to fully explore this site yet, but it does contain one of my favorite Alias fics ever, "Say What," by Sangga, as well as a host of other fun stuff--art, fic, sound clips, bios, etc.

Cover Me: Comprehensive (and lovely) site of Alias fanfiction.

The Safe House: "All Alias, all Vartan, all the time." Home of the many Vartan Hos. Updates, links, articles, and drink recipes. And my favorite section, Souris' absolutely hysterical Fashion Assassin. I use this to cheer me up when I'm having a bad day. Really. It's that funny.


Other Links Sadly, a shadow of its former self, thanks to the new, stricter posting policies. But still worth checking out.

Nevermore's Fanfiction: Action, intricate plots, almost too much like full-fledged novels to be called fanfiction. If you like your fic smart and well-developed, from Dark Angel to Buffy to White Wolf, check this out.

Television Without Pity: Snarky recaps of all your favorite TV shows (with the inexplicable exception of Farscape). Read anything by Miss Alli and Regina. Skip anything by Ace and Sep.